KKNN: Across the border webinar

KKNN: Across the border webinar

16 juli 2020

  • 10 september 2020
    15:00 - 16:30

De-Growth, alternative ideas for developing depopulating rural areas

We are living in an urban age with cities and capital regions as hotspots of innovation, new technologies and emerging industries. A lot of people think that life chances and economic opportunities can best be realised in cities. All this leads to an increase of socio-spatial differences, with a small number of globally networked, successful regions and a growing number of regions without clear perspectives for development – often characterised by a shrinking economic and population base.

In this webinar, Dr. Thilo Lang, head of the department of Regional Geography (University of Leipzig, Germany) will raise some alternative ideas for development. Such different forms of development should be considered by those regions which cannot or do not want to participate in the current form of capitalist global knowledge economy. After presenting some of the key processes of the global knowledge economy, he will discuss alternative options around ideas of de-growth, post-development, alternative currencies, social/ solidarity/ community economies, alternative networks of trade and regional circular economies.

Tialda Haartsen, professor in Rural Geography (University of Groningen) will introduce Thilo Lang, and will reflect on the potential use of his ideas in depopulating rural areas in the North of the Netherlands.

After their presentations we will give the floor to participants for discussion.

KKNN webinar
Datum: Donderdag 10 september 2020
Tijd: 15:00 uur – 16:30 uur

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More Information on Thilo Lang
Thilo Lang is Head of Department at the Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography (IfL), Leipzig/ Germany, and lecturer at the Global and European Studies Institute at the University of Leipzig. His research interests include polarisation processes at multiple scales, innovation outside of agglomerations, local and regional development with a focus on institutional change in ‘peripheral’ regions and alternative economies. Dr. Lang was invited to give a keynote on De-Growth on the European Rural Geographies Conference in Groningen (re-scheduled to 22-24 June 2021 due to COVID-19)

For more information on prof Tialda Haartsen 

De-Growth, nieuwe ideeën voor de ontwikkeling van rurale gebieden

Welke toekomst is er voor rurale gebieden met bevolkingsdaling? Veel gebieden in Europa hebben met een daling van de bevolking en vaak ook de economie te maken. In de globale economie ligt de nadruk op steden. Ook veel inwoners zien daar hun kansen. Misschien moeten we daarom denken aan een andere ontwikkeling voor de-growth regio’s. Dr. Thilo Lang uit Leipzig zal hier dieper op ingaan in een webinar op 10 september.
Prof Tialda Haartsen zal zijn ideeën vertalen naar Nederlandse krimpgebieden.

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